If you frequently ask questions, we frequently give answers.

1.) What does periannath mean?

Periannath is a Quenya word that means “host of the halflings.” In other words, it’s the Elven word for “hobbit.” I wanted to give this blog a name related to The Hobbit, what with the movie coming soon. Of course, the word periannath doesn’t appear in The Hobbit, but oh well. I wanted to go with, but that’s taken.

2.) Do Balrogs have wings?


3.) Can you help me contact JRR Tolkien?

Sigh. Yes.

4.) Is this site related to JRR Tolkien Examiner?

Not exactly. In addition to writing, I am also the official JRR Tolkien Examiner for As a rule, everything I post on, I also post on, at least one day later. However, there is original content for this blog that I do not post on

5.) Who are you?

I am Erik David Even, a writer and Tolkien fan in Los Angeles, California. I am the official JRR Tolkien Examiner for, and the creator of Sauron’s Blog and My personal blog is My day job is with Zoic Studios in Culver City, California, where I am Internal Brand Manager; I created and write I Design Your Eyes for Zoic.

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