From the Bargain Bin: The Movie Collectible of a Character Not In the Movie

10.26.09 | Kunochan | 2 Comments

I love the idea of a collectible of a character who didn’t even make it into the first draft of the screenplay for the movie trilogy.

I found this in the bargain bin at Ross: a collectible, limited edition (number 991/1000) bust of Tom Bombadil. It’s a “2008 convention exclusive,” which means you can’t buy it unless you’re at a convention — or for $12.95 at Ross.

Tom Bombadil bust, Sauron, Mini-Sauron

Here, Sauron (right) and Mini-Sauron keep an eye on the box, in case Bombadil tries to escape. The bust was manufactured by Gentle Giant. Other items you may like: the Balrog Wallmount Bust, which looks less Tolkien and more Georgia O’Keefe, if you know what I mean; and Barbie’s boyfriend Ken as Legolas.

Tom Bombadil bust, certificate of authenticity, ass drawer

If you have only seen the films, but never read the books, you have no idea who Tom Bombadil is. Both Peter Jackson’s trilogy and Ralph Bakshi’s 1978 “animated” adaptation dispensed with Bombadil entirely. This was particularly important in Jackson’s case, as he spared us an incredibly annoying Robin Williams cameo.

Hey dol merry dol

If you’re wondering where the design came from, it’s a character image created for the Decipher’s movie-based The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game. Decipher also created cards for Bombadil’s “friends” Goldberry, Radagast and Glorfindel. Since Radagast was replaced in the movie by a moth (!), and Glorfindel was replaced by Arwen, I suppose they both hang out with Tom and Goldberry nowadays, complaining about the films and demanding royalties from New Line.

Tom Bombadil card

The bust has a secret drawer in its ass, presumably for water-lilies for Goldberry. Or pot.

For more info: Glorfindel, Radagast and Goldberry cards via TORn; Bombadil on LOTRO; Iarwain Ben-adar on Wikipedia.

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