The Lord of the Rings Hot Dog

12.11.09 | Kunochan | Speak, friend & comment!

At the famous Pink’s Hot Dogs in Hollywood:


Don’t tell Christopher Tolkien –he’ll demand royalties.

So, it’s a “Lord of the Rings Dog” because it has onion rings on it. Right. And what’s the barbecue sauce in aid of? I don’t remember barbecues playing a central role in the trilogy.

Here are a few things that might conceivably make your hot dog a Lord of the Rings dog:

  • It’s 9″ long, one inch for each member of the Fellowship.
  • It’s smothered in stewed coney.
  • It comes with a fresh basket of Farmer Maggot’s mushrooms.
  • It’s wrapped in a mallorn leaf.
  • It glows blue when Orcs are near.
  • It’s delicious, but slowly turns you into a miserable wraith, an evil slave to the One Dog.

And rest assured that as soon as someone produces a Tolkien dog, someone will rush out a cheaper, less satisfying C.S. Lewis dog.

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