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Lady Galadriel Wounded in Theater Mishap

09.02.09 | Kunochan | Speak, friend & comment!

Galadriel Alatáriel, The Lady of the Galadhrim, suffered a head wound yesterday evening when she was struck by a prop during a theatrical performance in Caras Galadhon.

The noble Noldorin was performing A Great Hound Named Huan, a play based on The Lay of Leithian, portraying her own real-life second cousin, Lúthien Tinúviel. The injury occurred when Galadriel’s husband Celeborn, portraying Beren Erchamion, accidentally struck his wife on the head with a prop Silmaril.

Blood gushing from the wound, Galadriel staunched the wound with part of her costume. The sharper-eared members of the audience overheard their ruler mutter “Why in Arda did I ever marry this boneheaded Sindarin asshat?” before she continued the performance.

At an act break, Galadriel fled from the stage to go look for some athelas, and the remainder of the performance was canceled.

Tonight’s performance will take place as scheduled, with Haldir the Marchwarden taking over the role of Beren.

Galadriel won Best Actress for her performance in last year’s The Children of Húrin, in which she played the lead male role of Túrin Turambar while wearing a beard and false rounded ears.

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