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The Hobbit Report: November, 2009

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Originally published on JRR Tolkien Examiner.

John Rhys-Davies at the Lord of the Rings convention Ring-Con 2003 in Bonn, GermanyMuch of the editorial focus of JRR Tolkien Examiner will be on the upcoming, two-part film version of The Hobbit, to be released at Christmas 2011 and 2012. The Hobbit Report brings you the latest developments as the production progresses.

John Rhys-Davies, who portrayed Gimli son of Glóin in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, has turned down an offer to appear in the two-part film adaptation of The Hobbit.

This is disappointing, as Gimli is one of the characters in The Lord of the Rings who, although not mentioned in the novel The Hobbit, could logically appear. His father, Glóin, is one of the titular character’s 13 dwarven companions. The reason Gimli is even present at the Council of Elrond is because he has accompanies his father, who has come to bring his old companion Bilbo a warning that Sauron is demanding information about the hobbit.

Rhys-Davies, also well-known to fans as Sallah in the better Indiana Jones films, Professor Maximilian Arturo on Sliders, and Captain Randolph in Chupacabra Terror, may have been asked to play a non-dwarf role. He was also the voice of the ent leader Treebeard in the film trilogy.

The actor told Empire Online:

I’ve already been asked and to be honest with you, I wouldn’t [appear]. I have already completely ruled it out. There’s a sentimental part of me that would love to be involved again. Really I am not sure my face can take that sort of punishment any more.

No new casting information has come out of New Line Cinema or Wingnut Films since director Guillermo del Toro announced in August that Sir Ian McKellen and Hugo Weaving would be reprising the roles of Gandalf and Elrond respectively.

For more info: Via Empire Online via BSC Review; “Which characters from The Lord of the Rings movies will appear in The Hobbit?”.
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