Confirmed: Settlement reached in Tolkien v. New Line

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An official announcement has confirmed the story that broke last week, that the parties in a lawsuit that could have derailed production of the upcoming The Hobbit films have reached a settlement.

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Rumor: Settlement Reached in Tolkien v. New Line

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Leading Lord of the Rings movie blog is reporting that a tentative settlement has been reached in the lawsuit between the heirs of author JRR Tolkien and New Line Cinema. The suit threatened to derail production of New Line’s upcoming two part film adaptation of The Hobbit.

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Tolkien word of the day: ‘dwarves’

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Tolkien did not invent the word dwarf, but he did invent the plural form dwarves. Some sources give examples of the use of dwarves as far back as 1818, but these uses are mistakes. Tolkien was well aware that the traditional modern plural form of dwarf is dwarfs, but decided to use dwarves anyway.

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Lady Galadriel Wounded in Theater Mishap

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Galadriel Alatáriel, The Lady of the Galadhrim, suffered a head wound yesterday evening when she was struck by a prop during a theatrical performance in Caras Galadhon.

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The Hobbit Report: August, 2009

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Director Guillermo del Toro has confirmed, in an interview with BBC Radio 5, that Sir Ian McKellen will reprise the role of Gandalf in the upcoming two-part film version of The Hobbit. Del Toro also revealed that Hugo Weaving will return as Elrond Half-elven, and Andy Serkis will once again provide the voice and movements for the computer-generated character Gollum.

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Chinese version of LOTRO to launch in September

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CDC Games, which operates a number of Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs), including EVE Online, in the People’s Republic of China, has completed a successful closed beta test for The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar.

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If LOTR Had Been Written By a Game Developer

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“Frodo!” Gandalf cried, as the old man rose up suddenly proud and strong like an elf king of old. “The armies of Mordor stand at the gates of Minas Tirith! Rohan has fallen, and Erebor is is besieged! The hour is late, and the Ring must be destr—is that really a Silmaril?”

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Sauron’s Blog #49: Melkor 1, Noldor 0

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First off, we finally — finally — launched a finished, fully-functioning Flying Fire-Breathing Monster version 1.0. On the official paperwork these things are called Úruloki; I wanted to call them the Great Worms, although they don’t look very much like worms. But when the first one attacked the Elves, they all ran away yelling “dragon! Dragon!” Which I think means “I’m crapping my pants in fear!” in elfy-talk.

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Tolkien word of the day: ‘mathom’

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A mathom is an item, usually received as a gift, which has no genuine use, but cannot be thrown away because it is too valuable, or because the gift-giver will be offended.

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Limited edition of ‘Sigurd and Gudrún’ now available

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Publisher HarperCollins has made available a special deluxe hardcover edition of The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún, each signed by editor Christopher Tolkien, and limited to 500 copies worldwide. Each copy includes a facsimile page of the original manuscript. The book is hand-bound in goat-skin and features raised spine ribs and pages edged in gold.

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