“Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun” Drops May 5th

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I got an email today, that I can pre-order the latest book written by the ghost of JRR Tolkien through the mediumship of Christopher Tolkien — The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun. It collects translations of “The Saga of the Völsungs” written while Tolkien was Professor of Anglo-Saxon at Oxford in the 1920s and ‘30s.

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What Doesn’t Make Sense About the War of Wrath and the Breaking of Beleriand

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Unfortunately, the War of Wrath is so wrathful that the Beleriandian (is that a word?) sub-continent is almost completely destroyed, and sinks below the sea. The Valar invite all the Elves to Valinor, but lots of them refuse… The Edain follow Elros to Númenor, but lots of Men are left behind in Beleriand. So.. how did all the surviving Elves and Men get to Eriador?

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Jackson versus Tolkien – a long-overdue list of gripes

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Let me be clear — I love the movies. Love them. I genuinely do not believe that any other filmmaker on the planet would have done as good a job as Mr. Jackson… But here are my major gripes, as far as changes from the books.

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Check out these LOTR-themed cakes

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Via the Cake Wrecks blog, which overall is much more entertaining than it sounds, some LOTR-inspired cakes.

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Take the “Super-hard” LOTR Movie Quiz

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I created a quick 10-question Lord of the Rings movie quiz for Facebook/Flixter. “Hard” of course is relative. The kind of people who visit Tolkien blogs may not feel too challenged.

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HarperCollins to publish “Sigurd”

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HarperCollins will publish Tolkien’s reworking of “The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún.” Tolkien took a number of stabs at epic poetry, although this collection apparently has the added benefit of being in English. This isn’t something that’s going to appeal to casual fans, though. Only superfans and students of Old Norse are going to be interested. Fortunately, I’m two for two!

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Was “Parma Endorion” stolen? Is distributing e-books “theft?”

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I was confused by this post by Michael Martinez on the Tolkien Studies Blog. He’s mad that a copy of his e-book, Parma Endorion, escaped into the Internet badlands as a non-protected PDF file, and is being shared without his explicit permission. Some thoughts…

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News returns from… um… sabbatical

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Sorry I stopped posting for such a long time. I intend to get back to regular posting, both here and on Sauron’s Blog, as of today.

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How Tolkien inspired D&D

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First, there’s the simple fact that Tolkien’s innovations are so great that they have, ironically, come to be considered “generic.” In fact, they only appear that way because the genre of Modern Fantasy is something Tolkien himself largely created: he is the exemplar that defines the category. The very idea of a player character party — a group of diverse individuals of differing races with differing talents and specialties who set off on an adventure together — is a uniquely Tolkienian innovation, unprecedented in earlier fantasy, where we either have a hero, or a hero & a sidekick.

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This week on eBay: Jackson LOTR Pachinko

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I used to own a pachinko machine. It was an old one from the late seventies, and was sumo-themed. Of course there was no computer and no video screen. I loved that thing. But pachinko is probably the dullest game in existence, barring baccarat. This Lord of the Rings movie pachinko machine is for sale on eBay for $160 (but shipping to US is another $90).

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