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The Hobbit Report: ‘Hollywood Reporter’ says Jackson close to ‘Hobbit’ deal

07.13.10 | Kunochan | Permalink | 3 Comments

The entertainment industry paper reports that Sir Peter Jackson is close to signing a deal to direct the as-un-yet greenlighted two-part film adaptation of “The Hobbit.” According to the paper’s sources, Jackson is in Los Angeles this week, holding casting meetings for “The Hobbit.”

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Roto-Orcs & Invincible Doors: Ralph Bakshi’s 1978 ‘JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings’ Reviewed

07.12.10 | Kunochan | Permalink | 24 Comments

In my current role as a (barely) paid (semi-) professional writer of Tolkien news, reviews and other ephemera, I took it upon myself to view again, for the first time since 1978, Bakshi’s “JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings,” and give it a second chance with an adult perspective.

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Fans to enjoy Tolkien-based events and exhibitors at Comic-Con 2010

07.12.10 | Kunochan | Permalink | Speak, friend & comment!

The San Diego Comic-Con International, the yearly mega-convention devoted to comics, movies, television, collectibles and popular culture, takes place this year from July 21-25 at the San Diego Convention Center. As usual, Tolkien fans will find a number of things to enjoy…

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Tolkien’s favorite Oxford pub to get major renovations

07.12.10 | Kunochan | Permalink | Speak, friend & comment!

Oxford, England’s Eagle and Child pub, famed as a meeting place of the Inklings literary society in the 1930s and ’40s, will soon see major renovations, according to St John’s College, one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford.

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Tolkien 101: Aragorn

07.01.10 | Kunochan | Permalink | 5 Comments

If your sole familiarity with The Lord of the Rings is with the Peter Jackson film trilogy, then you probably only know Aragorn son of Arathorn as the handsome, brooding, scruffy loner with the broken sword who looked so dorky in that crown at the end of the third movie, of which he is the titular character. But there’s a huge backstory behind Aragorn, and this article will fill you in on the basics.

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The Hobbit Report: Online casinos take bets on ‘Hobbit’ release date

07.01.10 | Kunochan | Permalink | 1 Comment

Online betting blog Online Casino Advisory reports that in the wake of Guillermo del Toro’s defection from the planned two-part “The Hobbit” film adaptation, online casinos are taking novelty bets on when the first film will see its premiere.

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Rifftrax completes comedy commentary tracks for all three ‘Lord of the Rings’ films

07.01.10 | Kunochan | Permalink | 4 Comments

Rifftrax, one of two comedy film commentary troupes formed by former members of the original “Mystery Science Theater 3000” group, has completed tracks for all three “Lord of the Rings” films with the release this week of its “Return of the King” Rifftrax.

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The Hobbit Report: Sir Peter may helm ‘Hobbit’ after all

07.01.10 | Kunochan | Permalink | 1 Comment

Mainstream media sources including “Entertainment Weekly” are claiming that LOTR director and “The Hobbit” executive producer Sir Peter Jackson is in negotiations to direct both films, despite previous disclaimers to the contrary from his camp at Wellington, New Zealand’s Wingnut Films.

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Sauron’s Blog #68: It’s Been a Busy Five Centuries

07.01.10 | Kunochan | Permalink | Speak, friend & comment!

Another thing I’ve learned is that Celebrimbor is obsessed with recreating the Silmarils. It took a while for him to open up about this, as Galadriel and Gil-Galad both have come down on him for it. I encouraged him; but secretly, I think it’s a terrible idea. Those stupid rocks just drove people crazy, even Melkor, who stapled them to his head and walked around like a giant track lighting feature, whatever that is.

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The word “Hobbit” in The Oxford English Dictionary

06.04.10 | Kunochan | Permalink | Speak, friend & comment!

I have fulfilled a lifelong dream, and acquired my very own (digital) copy of the complete Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd Ed. Of course, the very first word I looked up was “hobbit,” which is famously included in this edition. I hereby reproduce the pertinent parts of the entry…

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