From the Bargain Bin: The Movie Collectible of a Character Not In the Movie

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If you have only seen the films, but never read the books, you have no idea who Tom Bombadil is. I love the idea of a collectible of a character who didn’t even make it into the first draft of the screenplay for the movie trilogy.

Both Peter Jackson’s trilogy and Ralph Bakshi’s 1978 “animated” adaptation dispensed with Bombadil entirely. This was particularly important in Jackson’s case, as he spared us an incredibly annoying Robin Williams cameo.

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Hobbit Report, News

The Hobbit Report: October, 2009

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Bilbo Baggins seems to have used his Halfling Improved Evasion feat to dodge another threat to his feature film return. Motion picture studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer has, at least temporarily, staved off a bankruptcy that might have derailed plans for the two-part, Peter Jackson-produced adaptation of The Hobbit scheduled to begin production next year.

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Sauron’s Blog #51: Rooting Out Elves Is Like Digging for Chiggers

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…guess who gave these idiotic Elves the idea to build hidden cities? No, guess! Ulmo! Remember that asshole? He’s the Valar responsible for water. Wow, that’s great, Ulmo — you’re in charge of one entire molecule! Me, I designed the metaphysical template of the cosmos, and was responsible for designing all the transition elements and all the metals and metalloids. And antimatter. And dark matter. But you’ve got dihydrogen oxide. Good work, dude!

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Today in Middle-Earth history: September 29th

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In 3021, Bilbo and Frodo, joined by Gandalf, Galadriel and Círdan, leave Middle-earth, sailing west presumably to Tol Eressëa, off the shores of the Undying Lands.

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Tolkien 101

Tolkien 101: Ringwraiths

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…Men were the perfect victims for the rings. Nine heroes, sorcerers and kings of Men accepted the rings, gaining seeming power and unnaturally long life. But after a few centuries, it became clear the rings were a curse rather than a gift. The nine Men were enslaved by the rings, and by the Dark Lord wearing the One Ring. Their bodies faded away, until the Men were nothing but invisible, undead shades enslaved by Sauron. They became the Nazgûl or “Ringwraiths,” the greatest of Sauron’s servants.

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Tolkien’s career in espionage greatly exaggerated

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In the wake of information released by a British government agency last week, news media globally have been reporting on the supposed “spy” career of author and philologist JRR Tolkien.

If it’s hard to imagine the introverted, scholarly Oxford professor traveling the world, assassinating Nazis and bedding beautiful French Resistance fighters between swigs of a martini, shaken – not stirred, you are right to be skeptical.

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‘The Hobbit’ films in trouble (again) as MGM mulls bankruptcy

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The Peter Jackson-produced two-part The Hobbit adaptation, scheduled to begin principal photography early next year, has dodged a lawsuit that might have derailed the entire project. But now the films are in danger again, as motion picture studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer considers declaring bankruptcy.

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What if ‘The Hobbit’ was a Nigerian 419 scam?

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In view of this, I received your contact through a friend and counselor, an ingenious wizard, who noted you as a Burglar who wants a good job, plenty of Excitement and reasonable Reward. And I and my twelve companions have agreed to give you 10% of the total gold and jewels that the dragon Smaug now rests upon if you can join us on our long journey. When you have agreed please tell us the place where you dwell and send one hundred pence so that we might travel to you.

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‘The Hobbit’ first published 72 years ago this week

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Seventy-two years ago yesterday, JRR Tolkien’s first novel, The Hobbit, was published by George Allen & Unwin, Ltd. of London.

The 1,500 copies of the first printing sold out by the end of that year, 1937.

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Today in Middle-Earth history: September 22nd (Happy Birthday Bilbo & Frodo!)

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On September 22nd, 2890 TA, Bilbo Baggins was born to Bungo Baggins and Belladonna Baggins (née Took), probably at Bag End.

Precisely 78 years later, on September 22nd, 2968 TA, Frodo Baggins was born to Drogo Baggins and Primula Baggins (née Brandybuck), probably at Brandy Hall in Buckland.

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