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OMG real elf ears — ouch!

10.03.08 | Kunochan | Speak, friend & comment!

On Instructables, how to give yourself elf ears. Actually, they’re more properly Vulcan ears, since it is established nowhere in the Legendarium that elves have pointy ears. There is a reference in Tolkien’s letters to elf ears being “only slightly pointed” and “leaf-shaped,” but Tolkien was certainly not suggesting elves had Deedlit ears.

Fake Deedlit ears.

That said, I’m a proponent of pointy elf ears. But performing surgery on your own ears to make them pointy? I read alot of cyberpunk literature back in the day, which featured alot of extreme body mods that seemed pretty cool. But in the real world, that kind of thing makes me pretty queasy.


It’s just that I have questions about this surgery. Will the sutured wound really hold together? Does it place weird pressure on other parts of the ear? Does it hurt like a mother?

Via Holy Taco via Topless Robot.

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