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You can have Periannath.com when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers

10.17.08 | Kunochan | Speak, friend & comment!

Tolkien Enterprises, the folks who own the worldwide exclusive film, stage and merchandising rights to The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, which The Professor sold off in 1968 for the bargain bin price of £10,000, are cracking down on cybersquatters holding onto domain names featurng the word “hobbit.”

Tolkien Enterprises already registered such domain names as “hobbit.com,” “thehobbit.com,” “hobbit.net,” “thehobbit.net,” “the-hobbit.info,” “the-hobbit.us,” “thehobbitdemo.com,” and “thehobbitgame.com.”

Similar domain names including “hobbits.com,” “thehobbitmovie.com,” “drunkenhobbit.com,” and “sex-hobbit.com” have been held by the [WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center] to be confusingly similar to the original “HOBBIT” trademark and their ownership has been transferred to Tolkien Enterprises.

The WIPO panel has held that the word “hobbit” is not a generic term, and that it is specifically related to the Tolkien Enterprises’ trademark, “HOBBIT.”

Of course, “PERIANNATH” not only means “HOBBIT” (or, more correctly, “host (or race) of the halflings”) in the Dúnedain dialect of Sindarin, but was entirely invented by Tolkien himself, unlike the word “hobbit,” which may or may not have already existed.

So will Tolkien Enterprises come looking for me, and try to take away my beloved domain name? (Full disclosure — I owned ungoliant.net for a number of years, but I never did anything with it and let it lapse.) Probably not. Only the hardest of the hardcore fans (that’s Tolkien fans — never ever ever say “Ringer”) will know the word “periannath.”

At any rate, it’s mine. My own. My precious.

By the way, what exactly would be on thehobbitdemo.com? Did Bilbo record a demo reel? Maybe he sings “The Road Goes Ever On” with an elven backing band.

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